Discover the Amazing Benefits of Stamped Concrete

Concrete driveways and patios don’t have to be dull. With stamped concrete, you can choose from many colors, patterns, and textures. It can mimic flagstone, slate, or brick, making it a versatile choice for outdoor spaces. Stamped concrete is perfect for patios, walkways, stoops, driveways, and pool areas. It’s durable, affordable, and easy to maintain. This makes … Read more

Foam underpinning and foam soil stabilization: injection of expanding polyurethane resin for strengthening structures and soils

Encountering a Weak ground or unsuitable soil is a possible challenge when considering a site for a construction project or in underpinning structures. They problem can arise due to the nature of the soil or the exposure of the soil to unsuitable environmental conditions. Soil stabilization is a proven method to improve the bearing capacity … Read more

What is the Underpinning Process for Basement?

Underpinning is a technique of strengthening the foundation of a structure by adding more support below it. It is often used to repair damaged or weak foundations, increase the load-bearing capacity of the structure, or lower the basement floor level to create more space. There are different methods of underpinning, depending on the type and … Read more

Benching Basement

Are you thinking about which basement retrofitting method is suitable for your home? Refurbishing the basement of your residence offers a range of advantages, spanning from creating additional space to enhancing the value of your home. Nevertheless, the cost and complexity of certain techniques such as underpinning might be beyond feasible limits. In that case … Read more